What does The Nomntu Project do?


The Nomntu Project aims to provide educational, social and practical support to those suffering from poverty, abuse, and HIV/AIDS in small communities in the Eastern Cape, which is the poorest region in South Africa.

It works in the informal settlements in East London, and in the surrounding countryside.

It aims to achieve this by working with key people in communities to provide funds and technical help to boost the effectiveness of direct community action that enables people to take charge of their own development. The education of women and girls is seen as crucial in achieving this aim.

The project is small with no paid staff and very low overheads. Money raised goes directly to those people and communities who are likely to make a positive difference to marginalised people in the Eastern Cape.

Below are three short examples of what the Nomntu Project does to help individual and communities to take charge of their own development.


The Soul
Winning Project.

Pumza Moshani has chosen to live with people in a remote village outside East London inspired by the words of the Gospel to work with the poor and the hungry.




The Nomntu Projects supports this family of mother, daughter and granddaughter who live in a shack with no water or electricity.




The final project the Nomntu Project supports is the Theza Project, run by Thebe and wife Naledi, in the hills 40 miles from East London.