The Theza Project

Aid is not a one-way transaction.

The final project the Nomntu Project supports is the Theza Project, run by Thebe and wife Naledi, in the hills 40 miles from East London. Naledi and Thebe live on an old farm and assist the local rural poor with food, health advice and counselling. Thebe is a trained counsellor and Naledi a trained teacher. Nomntu has helped by assisting with education fees for some of the seven children they have, and have provided materials for sustainability such as water tanks and protective fencing for vegetables. As a result he now has further developed his herd. Success with goats and chickens has enabled Thebe to add sheep and cows to his growing number of animals. As well as a wonderful counsellor he has also now become an excellent farmer.

Underpinning all this work is an assumption that it has to be led by local individuals and communities. Chris and Jane have gained valuable insights as to what can be done with a little money and much faith. And there are lessons to be learnt from the deep spirituality and faith demonstrated through the three examples above. Aid is not a one-way transaction.



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