The Soul Winning Project.

Pumza Moshani has chosen to live with people in a remote village outside East London inspired by the words of the Gospel to work with the poor and the hungry.

Daily she feeds over 80 children, many of whom have no parents, or have been abused by them or others. She feeds and educates these in a corrugated iron centre. Her assistant, Zozo, successfully completed her training for qualifications in Early Childhood Care and Development in 2015. Her fees were paid by the Nomtu Project.

The Nomntu Project has helped Pumza over several years in the form of building materials for her centre, seeds and plants, chickens and pigs, as well as providing transport costs. It has been a transformational journey illustrating what can be achieved with determination and compassion. As a result, Pumza has helped develop a community that – in her words – ‘have gained back their dignity’.


They Have Gained Back Their Dignity.

This article was first published by The Little Way Association who made a generous contribution to The Nomntu Project to support Pumza’s work.

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