Life in the Eastern Cape

The project is small with no paid staff and very low overheads.

Money raised goes directly to those people and communities who are likely to make a positive difference to marginalised people. The Eastern Cape is the poorest region in South Africa. 57% of the population live in poverty, classified locally as households living on less than £118 per month. 43% of the Eastern Cape’s population die of AIDs related diseases. Life expectancy is 56 (Stats SA. 2013:10). Chris and Jane visit the Eastern Cape for about a month each year to determine how well things are going – and what needs to happen next. They pay their own fares.

Eastern Cape: Economic facts

  • There are 48000 km of roads in the Eastern Cape.
    Only 5000km are surfaced.
    (Department of Roads and Transport 2007)
  • 34.1% of households have no electricity
    (Rapid Services Survey, FHISER, 2006)
  • 55% are unemployed (Global Insight 2006)
  • 65% of households earn less than £100/month
    (Rapid Services Survery, FHISER, 2006)
  • For every one rand (100c) of income earned in a maleheaded
    house hold, the level of income earned in a female
    headed household was 46 cents
    (Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, 2007)
  • Life expectancy is 48 in the Eastern Cape
  • 28.6% of the population