How can you help –
Raising money for The Nomntu Project

Nomntu relies on the generosity of others to raise its funds. Recently two anonymous donors gave generous amounts that were used to solve particular particular problems with two of our projects.

Such gifts are unusual. Most of our fundraising is by means of speaking engagements and events by others and ourselves. Many people choose to make regular standing orders, the latter being the only steady source of income for the charity. We hope you might consider making such a commitment. By pressing the ‘Donate’ button on any page you can quickly make a one off gift of a regular contribution to The Nomntu Project.

Below we give a short account of a consulting firm who ran and cycled to raise funds for Nomntu.

The York Consulting ( team was keen to mark its twenty-fifth anniversary by supporting an educational charity. We chose the Nomntu project because of a personal connection with Chris and Jane and because of our interest in promoting sustainable community support. Our Finance Director ran in the Leeds Half Marathon and the team embarked on a cycling tour of North Yorkshire in the spirit of the 2014 Le Tour de Yorkshire. Our team ranged from 24 to 54 and included a first time cyclist as well as some with more experience. It turned out to be quite a challenge covering the 25 kilometres of hill climbing and rain-soaked roads. We had some skids and some doubts at times, but all came through it, driven by a determination to achieve our goal of raising £2,500 to support Nomntu to do great work in South Africa. We wish all those supported by Nomntu every success and happiness for the future.